About That Brick Site

Hello! Are you a fan of Lego? Do you enjoy keeping up with news of the latest Lego releases, and reading reviews of current sets? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

That Brick Site is a passion project of Kim and Richard, a couple from Yorkshire in the UK. We founded GameSpew, a video game website back in 2015. Since that time it’s grown in popularity and is now one of the biggest independently-owned games websites to come out of the UK. But just as much as we love video games, we also love Lego. And when we’re not shooting, running and jumping on our consoles, we’re putting together plastic bricks. That Brick Site is the place we can share our love of Lego.

You can expect to find updates on the newest Lego sets, company news from Lego, listicles on the best and biggest sets, our opinions about various Lego-related topics, set reviews and, of course, cool stuff we’ve found from around the Legosphere.

We’re not affiliated with Lego: we are simply fans who own way too much Lego, so created a website to justify our obsession!

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You can reach out to us at hello@thatbricksite.com.