Zelda and Lego are finally colliding with The Great Deku Tree, out in September

Lego Great Deku Tree

Love The Legend of Zelda and Lego? You’re in for a treat this September if so. Long rumoured, Lego has finally revealed a set based on the Great Deku Tree, and it’s a substantial set comprised of 2,500 bricks. It’s a set squarely aimed at adults, then, and comes with a pretty hefty price tag to match.

Lego 77092 Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 is exactly as described: a recreation of the legendary tree found in The Legend of Zelda video game series. And depending on what era of Zelda you prefer, you can tweak the tree to your preferences.

If you’re an old-school The Legend of Zelda fan you can build a Great Deku Tree based on the one found in Ocarina of Time, and place either a young Link or grown-up Link somewhere around it. But if you’re more of a Breath of the Wild fan, you can build a Great Deku Tree that we think looks even better, placing a modern Link accompanied by Princess Zelda underneath it.

Scroll through more images of the Lego Great Deku Tree below:

Whichever you choose, it’s sure to be a fun build. And if you’re a Nintendo fan, chances are it’ll go on to be proudly put on display. Available from 1st September, there’s just a matter of cost which will serve as a barrier: at £259.99/$299.99 it isn’t cheap. Still, those familiar with Lego will know that it’s an expensive hobby, and at least there’s some time to save those rupees.

The Great Deku Tree can be pre-ordered from Lego.com now, with sets shipping from 1st September.

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