Get these frightfully good Lego Insiders Halloween posters

Lego Insiders Halloween Posters

Have you got some Lego Insiders (formerly Lego VIP) points kicking around? Then snap up these Lego Insiders Halloween posters, which, at 1,750 Lego Insider points each, nail the true horror of Lego.

What kind of horror? As you might expect, stepping on a Lego brick is up there, a nightmare that turn even Stephen King’s stomach. But there are other horrors on offer too.

Who, for example, hasn’t struggled to get a Lego sticker just right? It’s a bit tilted.. so you take it off and try again.. and again… and again. Before you know it it’s got more wrinkles than an elephants skin. That nightmare is conveyed by “The Crooked Curse”.

All of these posters drip with style (and blood) and would look perfect on any Lego fan’s wall. They’re also not tiny, tiny things – these are 30cm by 40cm and they even glow in the dark.

In short, we want them all. So what’s the catch?

Apart from having enough Insiders points (1750), these posters can only be shipped with a Lego set. But the site doesn’t say how much you have to spend so you could buy a small sub £10 set and get these.

To get your hands on these Halloween posters, head over to Lego Insiders, Lego’s own official collectors/rewards club. And if posters aren’t your thing, there are spooky masks on offer too.

You may need to create a free account to browse these eerie offerings. And if you’ve not got enough Lego insiders points, Lego helpfully provides some tips on how to earn them, on top of just buying Lego sets.

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