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LEGO Has Revealed This Year’s Winter Village Set: 10293 Santa’s Visit

LEGO 10293 Winter Village Santa's Visit

We all dream of the perfect Christmas display; a little snow-covered village, filled with decorations, festivities and tiny people having fun. With LEGO, that’s possible. Its Winter Village collection has been going for many years, with one new set released every year. We’ve had toy workshops, village stores, trains, train stations and even a wintery fire station. This year, it’s Santa’s Visit; a snow-covered cottage that Father Christmas himself is paying a visit to.

LEGO 10293 Santa’s Visit is set to release on 1st October (a day that is shaping up to be very expensive for LEGO fans) and will cost £79.99. That’s about in line with recent Winter Village sets; and it’s very reasonable indeed considering this has 1,445 pieces.

LEGO 10293 Winter Village Santa's Visit

The set contains a full exterior: a living area complete with fireplace (with stockings hanging on it, of course), a grand dining table, a kitchen and a small upstairs bedroom. And, of course, there’s a decorated Christmas tree, complete with gifts underneath it. Four minifigures are included: mum, dad, an excited little girl and Santa Claus.

If you’ve been collecting Winter Village sets, this one will undoubtedly make an excellent addition. And even if you haven’t, it feels like a good place to start. See more pictures below, and get more details on LEGO’s website.

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