Spend over £220/$250 and get Lego Houses of the World 3 free

Have you got the itch to buy more Lego? Want to get your hands on the latest in Lego’s Houses of the World line? Then head over to Lego’s site where, if you spend over £220/$250, you’ll get the Lego Houses of the World 3 set, absolutely free.

Houses of the World 3 is inspired by Swiss architecture and is an awesome looking little set. It can be displayed on its own or with the previous two entries in the series. And like the other two sets it’s only available with a sufficiently large Lego spend.

To nab this set, you need to head over to Lego’s site and, if you’re not already a member, sign up for the company’s free Lego VIP club. Then, spend over £220/$250 on any Lego and you’ll quality for the gift. You can buy a single high-price set or a range of smaller sets, it’s up to you.

Make your Dreamzzz come true with this second Lego Store freebie

But that’s not all. There’s another freebie on offer. This free Dreamzzz Z-Blob and Bunchu Spider Escape set is yours as long as you spend over £35 on Ninjago, City, Friends, Monkie Kid and or Harry Potter sets.

As far as we can tell you can combine these two offers. So play your cards right and you can have a green-legged spider guarding your Swiss residence. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?

To take advantage of these freebie deals, head over to Lego’s online store.

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