Spend Your VIP Points On These Limited Fiat Art Prints

Fiat 500 LEGO VIP art

LEGO has recently added a bunch of new free gifts to its VIP Rewards Centre. A number of those gifts are limited edition art prints, featuring the Creator Expert Fiat 500, which released earlier this year.

There are six collectible art prints in total, each costing 2,800 VIP points each. Considering a £5 voucher costs 800 points, that works out at about £17.50. It seems quite steep, but it depends on how you prefer to spend your points. Perhaps having a rare item is more valuable than money off your next purchase.

Each of the prints are numbered, and available exclusively to LEGO VIP members. However, it’s not clear how many of each print is being made available.

The prints are A4 in size, with dimensions of 21cm by 29.7cm. They’re rather eye-catching, designed to look like authentic promo posters for the real 1950s Fiat 500. Of course, the car has been replaced by the cute LEGO version.

However, there’s a catch. Redeeming the reward on the LEGO VIP site will give you a promotional code. That code is then “redeemable on your next purchase at LEGO.com”. So along with spending 2,800 points, you also need to make an additional purchase before you can receive the print.

Granted, there’s likely no minimum spend, and we LEGO fans are likely to make many a purchase from the LEGO website, but it feels a bit cheeky that the item wouldn’t just be sent out to you without another purchase being necessary.

You can visit the LEGO VIP Rewards Centre to see the Fiat art prints by clicking here.

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