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PSA: You can claim a Micro Ninjago City set with your Lego Insiders points

Lego Micro Ninjago City Insiders reward

It may well be one of the most sought-after gifts with purchase (at least for us), but the Micro Ninjago City isn’t your usual freebie. You won’t be able to get this one with a purchase: instead, you’ll need to redeem your Lego Insiders points to claim it instead.

The Lego Micro Ninjago City is a miniature model of the now-retired and much-loved Ninjago City set. It’s made up of 339 pieces and rated for ages 10 and above. Of course, much of the detail of the huge Ninjago City is lost in this one, but it’s a very fun little replica, and a neat collector’s piece.

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To redeem it, you’ll need to head to the Insiders reward centre. It’ll cost you 2,700 points — which equates to roughly £17. It’s not cheap, then, but if you have points built up it’s probably a worthwhile investment (especially since they’re already being listed for £35-£40 on eBay).

Perhaps the most annoying thing is that, after redeeming the set you’ll be given a code. And that code can only be used alongside a Lego.com purchase. There’s no spend limit, but you only get 60 days to use the code, so you are tied into buying something else just to get your hard-earned reward. But with free Easter gifts available ’til the end of the month, it might be a good idea to combine them.

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