Save £45 on Lego Star Wars Chewbacca and more with these early Black Friday deals

A Star Wars R2-D2 Lego set, an Ahsoka Lego set and a Lego Chewbacca set.

Black Friday is a few days off, but many retailers have already started doling out the deals. That includes Amazon UK, who are already offering some big discounts as part of their early Black Friday sale, Star Wars Lego included.

We’d expect more Lego offers to drop in the run up to Black Friday, with a few hanging around for Cyber Monday. Lego’s own Lego Insiders Weekend is also underway though you’ll have to spend your VIP/Insiders points to get the discounts that are on offer.

So if you’ve been craving a giant Lego Star Wars Chewbacca or a model of the Mandalorian’s Razor Crest, you can save yourself a handful of Galactic Credits. Here are the deals on offer:

It’s the Lego Star Wars Chewbacca set that offers the biggest Black Friday saving, a total of £45 off its usual price. He stands an impressive 18 inches tall but there’s something a little off about his face. He also comes with a tiny Chewbacca minifig and a display plaque.

The R2-D2 and Chewbacca sets are for 18+ builders while the other two are suitable for builders aged 9 and 10. All these sets are available right now, just try not to stare into Chewie’s eyes.

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