Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is Getting the LEGO Treatment

LEGO 10299 LEGO 10299 Santiago Benabéu Stadium

Another LEGO stadium is on the way, and this time it’s Real Madrid’s home ground. LEGO Santiago Bernabéu follows in the footsteps of Manchester United’s Old Trafford and FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou. This is the biggest of the three stadiums, however, and surely a must-have for any Real Madrid fan.

While Old Trafford comes in at “just” 3,898 pieces and Camp Nou tips the scales with 5,509 pieces, LEGO 10299 Santiago Benabéu Stadium takes the lead with 5,876 pieces. Unsurprisingly, it’s also the most expensive of the trio, with an RRP of £309.99.

LEGO 10299 LEGO 10299 Santiago Benabéu Stadium

As you’d expect from a set with just shy of 6,000 pieces, Benabéu Stadium is a big set. It’s 44cm wide, 38cm deep and 14cm tall, so if you’re planning on displaying this in your home you’ll need a big, flat surface. Sorry, dining tables across the land. You’re not for eating on anymore.

Like LEGO’s other stadium sets, LEGO 10299 Santiago Bernabéu aims to be as faithful to the real-world stadium as possible. It features the iconic four towers on each corner, a pitch with its signature grass pattern, goals, scoreboard and banners, and of course Real Madrid FC branding. The roof of the stadium lifts off, too, allowing you to see the internal details more clearly. And it can be opened up by splitting it in half. If nothing else, that will at least make it easier to transport the set.

LEGO 10299 Santiago Bernabéu Stadium will be available in LEGO stores from 1st March 2022. More images are below, and more information is available on LEGO’s website.

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