A £300 Black Panther Set is Coming to LEGO Stores in October

LEGO Marvel 76215 Black Panther

If you’re a fan of Black Panther, the latest LEGO Marvel set to be revealed should be right up your street. Introducing a life-size bust of Black Panther, made up of 2,961 pieces and costing £299.99/$349.99.

LEGO has been creating busts for a while, largely thanks to its range of helmets – but this is the first we’ve seen on a life-size scale. It makes us wonder if more Marvel heroes might get the same treatment.

LEGO Marvel 76215 Black Panther

The model of Black Panther – or King T’Challa as he’s also known – measures 52cm x 46cm by 29cm. It’s big, then! It features a life-size replica of his head, wearing his distinctive armour. It also features two hands – which are removable – doing the “Wakanda Forever” sign.

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We’re not sure of the purpose of the hands being removable. It’s nice to have a choice, but if they’re part of the set, why would you not have them there? After all, LEGO could have created the set without the hands with a lot less pieces (and a much lower price tag).

LEGO Marvel 76215 Black Panther

We’re looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh, as it’s hard to truly appreciate the size and scale. It’s yet another interesting take from LEGO, and we can see it being popular with Black Panther fans.

LEGO Marvel 76215 Black Panther will be available from 1st October exclusively from LEGO.

More information about LEGO Marvel 76215 Black Panther is available at LEGO.com.

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