Marine Life, Mini Golf or Viking Castle? Vote for the Next LEGO Ideas Set

LEGO Ideas Target promotion

Thanks to a cross-promotion with American retailer Target, LEGO fans can vote for the next LEGO Ideas set – and there are three to choose from.

We’ll never say no to more LEGO Ideas sets! The hardest thing about this promotion is choosing between the three sets. Each one of them is fantastic, and we wish we could see them all come to life. Alas, only one can win. Here’s a better look at each of the three sets:

Mini Golf

LEGO Ideas Target promotion
  • Designed by Legoparadise
  • A working course with moving parts
  • You can actually play a game of mini golf!

Viking Village

LEGO Ideas Target promotion
  • Designed by Brickhammer
  • A huge structure of a Viking settlement
  • Great amount of detail
  • Features five major structures and removable roofs

Marine Life

LEGO Ideas Target promotion
  • Designed by Brick Dangerous
  • Three separate structures of a seahorse, jellyfish and clownfish
  • Incredible amount of detail in each build
  • The perfect display set!

It’s important to note that this LEGO Ideas promotion is in addition to the normal rounds of LEGO Ideas reviews. The set that wins the public vote will get added to the upcoming roster, alongside the other Ideas sets we already know about.

To vote, you’ll need to log in or sign up for a LEGO Ideas account. Click here to vote, or to find out more information.

Great news for LEGO fans outside of the USA, too. This may be a promotion in conjunction with Target, but the availability of the winning set will be no different from any other. In Europe, it’ll be available in all good LEGO retailers. In the US, it’ll be exclusive to Target and the LEGO store.

Let us know which set you’d like to see come to life in the comments below.

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