Three New LEGO Minions Sets are Coming Soon

LEGO Minions

If you’re a fan of Dreamworks’ yellow Minions, you’ll be pleased to know that three new LEGO Minions sets are on their way. Releasing on 26th April are Minions Kung Fu Battle, Minion Pilot in Training, and Minions in Gru’s Lab.

Priced at £34.99, Minions Kung Fu Battle is the most expensive of the three sets. It figures Kevin, Stuart and Otto figures alongside a small Chinese-style dragon and an intricate Chinese temple. There’s a great Chinese New Year theme here, and would look great next to any of LEGO’s previous Chinese-inspired sets. It’s made up of 310 pieces.

Next up is Minion Pilot in Training. This is a LEGO 4+ set, made up of 240 pieces. It features a LEGO plane and Stuart and Bob figures. It’s priced at £29.99.

Last but not least is the smallest of the three sets. Minions in Gru’s Lab is another 4+ set, though this one is priced at a pocket money-friendly £17.99. It’s made up of 87 pieces and features a small model of Gru’s Lair, along with Otto and Kevin figures.

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