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Spend over £220 this Holiday Season and get Lego Houses of the World 4 free

Lego Houses of the World 40599, an image of a Chinese-style house on a Lego box.

Are you shopping for Lego this Christmas? Then get yourself over to where, if you spend over £220/$250 you can get the fourth in Lego’s Houses of the World series absolutely free.

You do have to be a Lego Insider to claim this gift but you won’t have to spend any of you Insiders points and you can sign up free. Spend £220 or $250 in one single transaction and you’ll qualify for the set.

It’s a rather cool looking little house, based on Chinese architecture, and if you’ve got the other three houses in the series you can build yourself a cool little multinational street. Even if you’re not planning on displaying it, going by eBay prices you should be able to get at least £20 for it.

So what’s the catch? There is one snag we really need to bring up and we’re not talking about the £220 minimum spend. This is while stocks last, so when they’re gone they’re gone, at least till Lego runs the promotion again. After telling you all about last week’s cool Lego Christmas freebies, we left it to the last minute to buy and, hey presto, they were sold out.

So, head over to and grab your free Houses of the World set. And if you’re short on present ideas, take a look at these festive Lego sets.

Written by Chris McMullen

After relegating my Lego to the loft, many years ago, I've regained my interest in these plastics bricks, partly because today's sets seem so, so much cooler than when I was a kid. Though I'm still reluctant to spend three figures on a single set.

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