This Lego Ideas No Man’s Sky Ship has the Sean Murray stamp of approval

A Lego version of a ship from No Man's Sky

Ever wanted a Lego set based on No Man’s Sky? We have, ever since this Lego No Man’s Sky sentinel cropped up on Lego Ideas. Unfortunately, that set didn’t get the required number of votes to be reviewed by Lego. However, there’s a new Lego Ideas No Man’s Sky submission and it’s got the Sean Murray stamp of approval.

This fantastic Lego Ideas No Man’s Sky submission is ‘Radiant Pillar BC1’, a model of the game’s original starter ship. Ship aside, it also features a clump of planetary undergrowth, a teensy, tiny sentinel and No Man’s Sky’s spacesuited protagonist.

It’s the work of nasa105, who’s won several Lego Ideas competitions with their previous submissions, though they’ve yet to have a submission turned into a set. However, things are looking pretty good. Sean Murray, head of Hello Games and the designer behind No Man’s Sky, tweeted out his approval, encouraging people to support the submission.

Currently, the set has 9,358 supporters, just shy of the 10,000 it needs to get to be reviewed by Lego. But, thanks in part to Murray’s tweet, the number of supporters has shot up. And, right now, it has over a year to rack up the remaining 642 supporters.

Does that mean the set’s going to happen? Not necessarily. Murray’s Tweet suggests that if Lego do approach developer Hello games over the set, they’d be open to a collaboration. But Lego first has to decide that the set is worth making.

We’ve definitely got our fingers crossed. We’ve found ourselves dipping back into No Man’s Sky (sorry, Starfield) and it’s a fantastic experience which, after several years of updates, delivers on Murray’s original promises. We’d still like to see battlecruisers in there, though.

So, good luck to nasa105 and their gorgeous-looking No Man’s Sky Lego Ideas submission. And if you’re wondering what’s happened to some of the previous Lego Ideas submissions we’ve covered, here’s how they fared.

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