This LEGO No Man’s Sky Sentinel Needs to Be a Real Set

LEGO No Man's Sky Sentinel - LEGO Ideas

Want to get your hands on this LEGO No Man’s Sky Sentinel? LEGO Ideas user Brickleintime is hoping that, with enough support, it can become a reality.

If you’ve yet to play the space-faring videogame No Man’s Sky, which has come on leaps and bounds since its original release, you might be wondering what the heck a Sentinel is. Those are the robots that harass you as you plunder this open-galaxy space sim’s resources. Brickleintime has chosen to depict the regular, but still annoying, drone variety.

It’s an impressive piece of work, particularly since Brickleintime built it from scratch. Brickleintime states it’s “…a very sturdy build and very modular and can be taken apart easily and without fear of breaking.” It’s around 9 inches tall and 14 inches long though they haven’t specified how many bricks are included.

If you want to see this fantastic, floating menace become a real LEGO set, you’ll need to head to the LEGO Ideas website and show your support.

Like all LEGO Ideas submissions, if the design reaches 1000 supporters in the next year it moves onto the next stage, and then the next. Then, if it reaches 10,000 supporters, it’ll be reviewed by the official LEGO Ideas team. So if you want this LEGO Sentinel drone sitting on your shelf, go give it a vote.

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