LEGO Ideas The Starry Night is On Its Way for 1st June

The Starry Night, the only set chosen from LEGO Ideas’ second review of 2020, is finally almost here. Today, The LEGO group has announced it’s coming to stores on June 1st. VIP members will be able to get early access from 25th May.

The set is based on a winning design from LEGO Ideas user legotruman. It’s a brick-built representation of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting of the same name – and it’s rather a sight to behold. It seems the LEGO design team has done a great job of keeping legotruman’s original design intact while also improving on it. While the original concept was a freestanding piece, it now appears in a frame – a really nice touch.

LEGO Ideas 21333 The Starry Night will retail for £149.99/$169.99; not too bad a price when you consider the piece count of 2,316 pieces.

The beautiful swirls and patchwork sky of Van Gogh’s original painting has been recreated beautifully, and the town below has been brought to life thanks to a 3D effect that sees it literally popping out of the frame. It also includes a minifigure of Van Gogh himself, equipped with paints and a paintbrush.

Like a LEGO Art set, The Starry Night can be hung on the wall for ease of display. Since we ran out of shelving space a long time ago, we always appreciate innovative ways to display sets. And we’re fairly sure this one is going to look fantastic on the wall.

More information is available from LEGO.com. Will you be picking it up? Let us know what you think of the latest LEGO Ideas set in the comments below.

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