LEGO and Unity are Working Together to Let You Make Your Own LEGO ‘Microgame’

LEGO Microgame

Unity, a tool for making videogames, has partnered with LEGO to create a LEGO Microgame platform.

Microgames are Unity templates that let novice game designers create their own short videogame experience. Using a set of customised tools, users will be able to put together a game with minimal expertise. There’s been a platformer Microgame, an FPS and a karting one, but the latest in the series is LEGO.

Installing Unity will allow users to access the in-editor tutorials in order to make their own LEGO game. The interface allows you to place virtual LEGO bricks in order to create a clever obstacle course.

There are ‘Behaviour Bricks’, which can be programmed to an action when they’re interacted with, and various other elements are available, too. Of course, you can bring your Microgame to life with a custom minifig, who is able to run, jump and roll around your course.

This sounds like a great way to play around with game design for any novice with an interest. You can even create a browser-based version of your LEGO Microgame when it’s finished, allowing anyone to play.

For more information, head to Unity’s website.

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