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LEGO Art is Available to Pre-order Now

LEGO has recently unveiled its newest range: LEGO Art.

Seemingly inspired by the Mosaic booth that’s been available in LEGO’s Leicester Square branch for some time, the LEGO Art range turns iconic images into pop-art style pieces of art – made out of LEGO. Obviously.

Available from 1st August is Star Wars, The Beatles, Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe and Iron Man. Each piece of work is made up of single bricks on a 40cm square base. What’s most interesting about these, though, is that each set that you purchase can be made into multiple images. The Star Wars one – pictured above – can be constructed into Darth Vader, The Sith or Kilo Ren.

Furthermore, you can purchase three sets and turn them into one huge portrait of Darth Vader.

It’s an expensive ask though: one LEGO Art set will cost £115. Packing in over 3,000 pieces, it’s not bad value; but if you want to buy three to create the full Star Wars portrait, it means shelling out £345. Expensive art indeed.

Still, we love these – and we’ve no doubt they’ll be appearing on our wall very soon.

To find out more, and pre-order your LEGO Art set for release on 1st August, head over to the LEGO website.

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