This classic Lego Space free gift sold out the day it went public — and fans aren’t happy

Lego Micro Rocket Launchpad with a 'no entry' sign over it.

Were you looking forward to getting your hands on Lego’s Micro Rocket Launchpad? Then you’re out of luck because this set, a fantastic little tribute to the 70’s and 80’s Lego Space models, has sold out. Unhappy? Some would-be purchasers are feeling the same way.

This Lego when-bought-with free gift set was pretty awesome, we have to admit. A squat version of several Lego Space sets, we were pretty close to spending £180 on Lego just to snap up this gem. Then something happened – it sold out.

That’s not unusual in itself, Lego’s gifts do sometimes run out before the offer ends. But there are a couple of things that have had Lego fans grumbling. Firstly, unlike most previous Lego freebies, this has a huge nostalgia factor attached. Lego had to know how many people would want this. Secondly, it sold out on the same day as it became available to the public.

The set was available to members of Lego’s free-to-join Insiders programme for a couple of days. But non-Insiders barely got the chance to pick it up. And now, it’s selling for well over its £26.99 ‘value’ on eBay, prices averaging around £50. Fans have been expressing their disappointment on various Lego hangouts, Reddit included.

“Tired of them gatekeeping these sets. I just want to buy some classic styled stuff,” one Redditor says. “As usual, Lego is out of stock in just a few hours after launch…not a surprise,” adds one Twitter user.

Does this mean you’ll have to pay through the nose if you didn’t snap up this set? A couple of fans have suggested that eBay prices will settle down, but looking at the resale prices of previous free gifts, like the mini Steamboat Willy set, that doesn’t always happen.

You might be lucky and find a physical Lego store that hasn’t sold out of this Lego Space set, but it’s unlikely. All that’s left now is to wait for the next Lego store offer. Well, unless you want a Duplo Duck that is.

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