This Lego Micro Rocket Launchpad may be the best free gift ever

Lego Micro Rocket Launchpad 40712, three 70s and 80s themed space Lego items in one set.

Are you ready to spend big at Lego? We certainly are, thanks to what may be the best Lego free gift we’ve ever seen, the Lego Micro Rocket Launchpad.

This set, which is free when you spend over £180 at Lego.com, is a brilliant tribute to the space-based sets of the 1970s and 1980s. You know the ones we’re talking about, those spaceships with at least two big saucers on them and astronaut helmets where the chinstraps would always crack.

The Lego Micro Rocket Launchpad is an awesome, scaled-down version of those sets. And we do mean scaled down, even the minifigs themselves are squat little versions of normal figures. We get nostalgic just looking at it. Let’s hope those mini-helmets are less crack-prone.

The set, which is made up of 325 pieces and rated for builders age 9 or over, includes smaller versions of these original 1970s/1980s sets.

  • Alpha Rocket Base (483),
  • Mobile Rocket Transport (6950)
  • Space Patrol (6803)

It also comes with two astronaut microfigures and is valued at £26.99 though you can expect it to raise more than that on eBay. It’s a free gift only; you can’t buy the set separately through Lego.com – and we can’t imagine that will change.

How do you get your hands on this set? At the time of writing you need to be a Lego Insider. But as of tomorrow, Monday 19th Feb, it should be available to anyone who spends £180 or over at Lego.com. We don’t have the date for when the offer will end but, going by previous offers it’ll sell out early.

So head over to Lego.com and get spending. Remember, pre-orders count too, so you can put your money down for new and upcoming sets and still get your hands on this cool Lego Micro Rocket Launchpad free gift.

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