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Four More LEGO Super Mario Sets are Launching in January 2022

Over the weekend, LEGO had a presence at the China International Import Expo. The Expo is a place for international companies to show off their products that will be appearing on Chinese shelves in the coming year – and LEGO had a range of new products to show off. Along with a new Monkie Kid set and Lunar New Year Traditions sets, four new LEGO Super Mario sets were unveiled.

The four sets will be available in stores from 1st January 2022, alongside the recently-revealed Luigi’s Mansion sets. The sets are as follows:

LEGO Super Mario 71396 Bowser Jr’s Clown Car

  • RRP £8.99
  • 84 pieces
  • Age: 6+

This is the smallest of the new sets. It features a ‘Clown Car’ that your Mario or Luigi figure can sit in, and a buildable bob-omb. Presumably, Mario/Luigi will have a new interaction when inside the car.

LEGO Super Mario 71398 Dorrie’s Beachfront

  • RRP £24.99
  • 229 pieces
  • Age: 6+

We love this one, simply for the buildable Dorrie – the blue Loch Ness-type creature you can see on the left in the picture. This is a fairly sizable set complete with sandcastles, a palm tree, a buildable crab and some water-spouting features.

LEGO Super Mario 71400 Big Urchin Beach Ride

  • RRP £54.99
  • 536 pieces
  • Age: 7+

The biggest of the upcoming new LEGO Super Mario sets, this one packs in a lot of really neat features. It looks like a lot of fun too, thanks to its use of rollercoaster pieces, and a rickety bridge.

LEGO Super Mario 71402 Character Packs – Series 4

  • RRP £3.49 each
  • ~29 pieces
  • Age: 6+

The next wave of blind bags will feature a Mechakoopa, Para-Biddybud, Stingby, Bully, Freezie, Ant Trooper, Goombrat, Coin Coffer, Scaredy Rat and a baby penguin. We are all in for that baby penguin and we will protect it with our life.

Early 2022 is shaping up to be a good period for LEGO Super Mario fans, then. We’ve also got three Luigi’s Mansion sets to look forward to in January, too.

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