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Lego’s Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter set is coming for Lord Business

A woman in a yellow shirt holding a Dune Lego Ornithopter set, with the minifigures on the desk.

Out now, Lego’s Icons Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter is “.. a meticulously detailed replica model of the legendary House Atreides aircraft.” At least it will be if you can get round to building it.

With 1369 pieces (rated for builders aged 18+) this insect-inspired aircraft could be fun to build. And, sure, it might appeal to the odd hardcore Dune fan. But it plays second fiddle to the towering Baron Harkonnen minifigure that, by our calculations, is about six inches tall.

It’s a robe? Sadly yes: there’s a plastic stand that goes all the way from the end of the (regular-sized) minifigure to the floor, and his super-long cape covers it, giving Harkonnen the appearance of being six inches tall. Not as good as an actual super-long minifigure, but we’ll take it.

Some Lego fans might get a kick out of the Dune Ornithopter’s flappable wings and its detailed cockpit capable of fitting two figures. But you know what this set’s specifications fail to address? Who is the superior tallboy, Baron Harkonnen or the Lego Movie’s Lord Business?

Oh, sure, you can sit this on your shelf and set about recreating the events of Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 movie. But us? We’ll be smashing the Baron and Lord Business together in what we’re calling Long Figure Fight Club. Which is better? Robe or gigantic platform shoes? There’s only one way to find out.. fight!

Figures: Lego

Bizarrely, Lord Business is not included in this set, which we’re assuming is an oversight on Lego’s part. Instead, it also comes with figures of Paul Atreides, Lady Jessica, Gurney Halleck, Chani, Leto Atreides, Liet Kynes, Duncan Idaho, all of whom look like ants compared to the might that is the Baron.

The set costs £149.99 from Lego’s website, which is an entirely reasonable price for the Baron. You can always sell the rest of the set on eBay and make some of your money back. Now, if we can just get a Lego Slenderman set…

Written by Chris McMullen

After relegating my Lego to the loft, many years ago, I've regained my interest in these plastics bricks, partly because today's sets seem so, so much cooler than when I was a kid. Though I'm still reluctant to spend three figures on a single set.

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