LEGO 21226 Art Project Has Been Officially Announced

LEGO 21226 Art Project

Amazon accidentally revealed this set earlier this month, but now LEGO has officially lifted the lid on it. The set is a new LEGO Art build, but one that’s slightly different from the others. Rather than recreate a popular piece of art or a familiar pop icon, LEGO Art Project is about creating your own masterpieces with friends or family.

The box describes the set as “Create together […] 1 picture made of 9 plates, thousands of combinations”. The accompanying box art shows nine completely different images all being stuck together to create one collage. This is the way that all LEGO Art sets are created; smaller tiles joined together although in those cases they create one unified image by the end. The idea of Art Project is that up to nine people can work on this together, each creating their own little image.

LEGO 21226 Art Project

It looks like a number of ideas books will be included, so you can copy LEGO’s designs. Though we feel like this is a set designed to encourage creativity; come up with your own images. It looks like there are 16 different colours available, and 4,138 pieces altogether. Considering you’ll only need 2,304 to complete the image it should mean there’s plenty of choice.

More images are below. If LEGO 21226 Art Project sounds like a set you’ll enjoy, it’ll be available from 1st November, priced at £114.99.

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