This Lego Disney Princess Aladdin Agrabah Palace set is small but perfectly formed

Lego Disney Aladdin Agrabah Palace 40613

There’s an all new DIsney palace set on the way! But don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you an arm or a leg. Or a kidney. Unlike the massive Lego Disney Castle, this Lego Mini Disney Palace of Agrabah set, as seen in Disney’s animated classic Aladdin, is priced at just £39.99.

That’s not to say it isn’t worth having, though. It may be small, just 14cm tall, but it’s still gorgeous to look at it It absolutely captures the splendour of the palace. The castle also figured into the live-action remake but it looks very much as if this was modelled on the cartoon one.

It sports the palace’s distinctive gold onion towers and has a tiny, tiny magic carpet floating outside the window. The Genie’s lamp is also perched on the carpet.

Minifig Aladdin or Jasmine would look a little off, given the Disney palace set’s scale. However, the other two sets in the series, the Haunted Mansion and Disney Castle (our review) do come with minifigures. And those sets are £5 cheaper.

The Lego Mini Disney Palace of Agrabah (40613) sports 506 blocks, rated for children 12 and above. It’s out this October 1st, priced at £39.99, and will be available via the official Lego store.

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