Lego’s next when-bought-with free Valentine’s Day gift is ridiculously adorable

A Lego Shiba peeking out of a Lego present.

Wondering what to buy for someone special? Lego’s latest next free gift, a special Valentine’s Day-themed set, could be just what you need. Provided you don’t tell them it didn’t cost you a penny, anyway.

As spotted by BrickSet, Lego has put the Love Box set up on their site, with a crossed-out price of £9.99. It’s not on offer yet, but it’s 99% certain that this’ll be their next when-bought with gift. Currently, this Lego Chinese New Year set is Lego’s WBW gift, though that ends January 31st.

The set, dubbed the Lego Love Gift Box, is around the same price as the Chinese New Year set, so we imagine you’ll again have to spend around £75 on Lego to get it. And absolutely should get this set, because it’s awesome.

Sure, you should never gift pets as a surprise gift, but this Shiba Inu dog, sitting in their little box, is just so adorable. The set is made up of 159 pieces and includes either two pairs of eyes or two sets of stickers so the box-dwelling doggo can have one of two expressions.

You also get a heart on a stick and a little vase with flowers in it, making us wonder if this is meant to be a desk or a box. Either way, this set’s too fantastic not to own. We’d recommend dropping by Lego’s website early February to get your hands on this Valentine’s Day free gift.

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