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Get double Insiders Points and a Chinese New Year free gift at Lego

A Lego Chinese set

Lego’s food truck offer has driven off into the sunset but it’s been replaced by a double whammy of a promotion. Spend over £75 / $85 and you’ll get a free Lego gift, a Chinese dragon set. But on top of that, you can also net double Insiders Points if you order in the next few days.

The set, Lego Year of the Dragon 40611 is, according to Lego, worth around £9. Though as with previous offers, it’s not available separately, it only comes with a Lego purchase of the required amount. The offer, which is to mark the Chinese New Year, runs between now January 31st or, and this is the important bit, while stocks last. These sets do sell out and when they do, your only option is to head on eBay or hope that the offer comes round again at some point.

It’s a cool little set, nailing the Chinese dragon look. And with just 214 pieces it shouldn’t take an age to put together. It’s also suitable for builders aged 8 and over, unlike the 18+ Lego Icons food truck.

So, if this offer catches your eye, head over to Lego’s online store to nab this Lego free gift. No matter how much you spend, you can also net double Lego Insiders Points between now and January 24th. And while you’re there, why check out these other awesome Chinese-themed Lego sets. That includes this set’s big brother, the Auspicious Dragon.

Written by Chris McMullen

After relegating my Lego to the loft, many years ago, I've regained my interest in these plastics bricks, partly because today's sets seem so, so much cooler than when I was a kid. Though I'm still reluctant to spend three figures on a single set.

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