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LEGO’s Revealed its Season 21 of Minifigures, and We Love Them

If there’s one thing we can rely on in this world, it’s the regular release of new seasons of minifigures. The upcoming season is 21 (!), and is a little smaller than the last few. There’s only 12 minifigures this time around, but we love them all.

You can view them all in the pictures below. There’s a varied selection of quirky figures on offer: a Space Policeman, a tribal warrior, a violinist, a beekeeper, a surfer complete with dolphin, and more.

Series 21 of LEGO minifigs will be available in-store and online soon. As usual, they’ll likely be priced at £3.49 per blind bag – though at official LEGO stores you can often buy a full set in one purchase if you ask.

We’re looking forward to adding them to our collection!

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