Three Upcoming LEGO Disney Encanto Sets Have Been Revealed

LEGO has lifted the lid on three new Disney sets that are releasing on 1st December. The sets are based on the upcoming Disney movie, Encanto. Encanto follows Mirabel Madrigal, a young Colombian girl coming to terms with the fact that she’s the only member of her family without magical powers.

As you’d expect from a Disney film, it looks colourful and enchanting – and so it comes as no surprise that the three upcoming sets based on the film are equally as colourful and enchanting. Let’s take a look at them.

LEGO Disney 43202 The Madrigal House

  • RRP £44.99
  • 587 pieces
  • Age 6+
  • Two mini-dolls and a micro-doll

This is Mirabel’s home in Encanto – and being the home of a magical family, it’s much more whimsical and colourful than your standard family house. There are three levels, all packed with colour and function. Functions like a spinning weather vane, a bed that flips and shutters that can open and close offer a lot of playability. And the bold choice of colours really makes it stand out. See more details on The Madrigal House on LEGO.com.

LEGO Disney 43200 Antonio’s Magical Door

  • RRP £17.99
  • 99 pieces
  • Age 5+
  • 2 micro-dolls

These fold-out book playsets have been popular with LEGO Disney for some time. And they’re perfect for smaller sets as it means the pieces can all fold neatly away when it’s not in use. Inside the book, which is ornately decorated on the outside, you’ll find a buildable tree, a hammock, and three lovable LEGO creatures: a capybara, a jaguar and a frog. In a cool little touch, the book can be locked and unlocked with an enclosed key, too. See more about Antonio’s Magical Door by clicking here.

LEGO Disney 43201 Isabela’s Magical Door

  • RRP £17.99
  • 114 pieces
  • Age 5+
  • 3 micro-dolls

LEGO 43201 Isabela’s Magical Door is very similar to Antonio’s Magical Door; it’s another plastic moulded book that folds out into a playset. This one is vibrant pink in colour, and includes three micro-doll figures. When built, you’ll find an intricate ‘door’ backed with details such as petals and birds – the perfect base for imaginative play. You can read more about it by clicking here.

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