The best Lego Ninjago sets currently available

Lego’s Ninjago range is one of its most popular own-brand ranges. It’s been running for almost 15 years and in that time, hundreds of different sets have come and gone. It’s even spawned a successful TV series and its own blockbuster movie. But what are the best Lego Ninjago sets you can currently buy?

Some of our all-time favourite Lego Ninjago sets have long since retired (that’s a list for another day!), but plenty of fantastic models are currently available. It’s a fast-changing range, so we’ll keep this list updated as new sets become available and old sets retire. Read on to see our pick of the five best LEGO Ninjago sets currently available.

Lego 71741 Ninjago City Gardens

  • Release date: January 2021
  • RRP £274.99
  • 5,685 pieces

Ninjago City Gardens was the biggest Ninjago set available until City Markets released last year. And as fantastic as City Markets is, we still have a soft sport for Ninjago City Gardens. It’s been around for over three years now, which is practically unheard of — so we’d recommend you pick this up sooner rather than later if you don’t yet have it in your collection.

It packs in a ridiculous amount of detail and, if you have them, it’s designed as a companion piece to Ninjago City and Ninjago City Docks, both now retired. With a whopping 19 minifigures, there’s a lot to love here.

Lego Ninjago 71819 Dragon Stone Shrine

Lego Ninjago Dragon Stone Shrine
  • Release date: March 2024
  • RRP £104.99
  • 1,212 pieces

One of the newest sets on this list of best Lego Ninjago sets, we absolutely love the Dragon Stone Shrine. In our eyes, it’s more of a display piece than a playset, featuring a gorgeous dragon head water feature, a cherry blossom tree and a Ninjago training aire that moves.

But with the six minifigures included, it can very much be used as a playset, too, although we’d suggest maybe keeping it out of the reach of younger Ninjago fans — there are a lot of fragile features here!

Lego Ninjago 71796 Elemental Dragon vs. The Empress Mech

Lego Ninjago 71796 Elemental Dragon vs The Empress Mech
  • Release date: June 2023
  • RRP £94.99
  • 1,038 pieces

There are two things we love in Lego: dragons and mechs. And, thankfully, the Ninjago range is full of them. 2023’s Elemental Dragon vs The Empress Mech is one of the best Lego Ninjago sets you can currently buy, then, because of one simple reason: it features a dragon and a mech! What more could you possibly want?

It’s no slouch, either. Made up of 1,038 pieces, both dragon and mech pack in a good amount of detail, and six fantastic minifigures allow for some great battle scenes to be acted out by younger builders. Us grown ups? We’ll simply admire how wonderful the dragon and the mech look.

Lego Ninjago 71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo

Lego Ninjago 71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo
  • Release date: March 2024
  • RRP £104.99
  • 1,190 pieces

The Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo set might look a little familiar to you, even though it’s brand new. That’s because, over the years, we’ve had a lot of Lego Ninjago dojo sets, taking on a similar shape. This is perhaps one of the best yet, however: we love its dark blue and bright pink colour combination, and the wolf head emblem is seriously cool.

It’s a little on the expensive side for what it is, but you are getting nearly 1,200 pieces. It’s the type of set that looks much better in person than it does in images: being 36cm high and 45cm wide, it’s rather big. And with its ziplines and multiple play features, it’s a set that’s a huge amount of fun.

Lego Ninjago City Markets

LEGO Ninjago City Markets
  • Release date: June 2023
  • RRP £319.99
  • 6,163 pieces

Ah, we couldn’t not include the epic Ninjago City Markets could we? It’s not only the biggest Lego Ninjago set you can currently buy, but it’s also the best. Or at least amongst the best of them, anyway. We can’t quite decide if we like this or City Gardens more. If you can afford both of them, however, they look absolutely stunning side by side.

There are some stunning details here, such as the brick-built river, and the decorative bridge passing over it. The “working” cable car, which moves from one tower to another, is also absolutely delightful. As is the fact that it comes with a whopping 21 minifigures.

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