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The Biggest LEGO Star Wars Sets Ever Released

LEGO Millennium Falcon
Photo by Kristine Tumanyan on Unsplash

Since it’s May the 4th – aka Star Wars day – what better time to look back on some of the biggest LEGO Star Wars sets, both past and present?

Since it began in 1999, the LEGO Star Wars series has been one of the most popular, spanning over 800 sets of various shapes and sizes. But what have the biggest sets been? Let’s revisit the biggest Star Wars LEGO sets of all time…

LEGO 75192 Millennium Falcon

Date: April 2018 to Present
RRP: £649.99
Number of pieces: 7,541

Before the giant Imperial Star Destroyer came to join it, 2018’s Millennium Falcon was the single most expensive LEGO set by a huge margin. Not surprising when you consider the size of the set: a whopping 7,541 pieces. It’s since been dwarfed by the 10,000 piece Colosseum, but it remains the biggest LEGO Star Wars set to this day.

One of many LEGO Millennium Falcons available, this one is the biggest and most impressive of them all. You better make sure you’ve got plenty of spare time before you tackle this, since takes in the region of 30 hours to build. It’s certainly not a build for the faint-hearted, but what an impressive model it is when it’s finished.

LEGO 10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

Date: October 2007 to May 2010
RRP: £342.49
Number of pieces: 5,197

Considering the UCS Millennium Falcon was released way back in 2007, a set of this size was extraordinary. Of course, 5,000 pieces isn’t that uncommon now, but this is still a huge set. It’s since been dwarfed by the newer LEGO Millennium Falcon, featured above, but it doesn’t make this one any less impressive. Now, onto something that isn’t a Millennium Falcon…

LEGO 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

Date: October 2019 to Present
RRP: £649.99
Number of pieces: 4,784

This is far from the first LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer, but it is the hugest by far. And costing an eye-watering £650, it’s one of the two most expensive LEGO sets ever released. Will we ever see a set costing more than that? It’s hard to imagine, but who knows.

Released in 2019, this Imperial Star Destroyer packs in a massive 4,784 pieces, but it’s the sheer scale of it that’s most impressive. It’s a whopping 110cm long. Over a metre! If its price isn’t barrier enough for most of us, a lack of storage or display space will be. Still, there’s no denying how impressive this is as one of the biggest LEGO Star Wars sets ever released, both in pieces and sheer scale.

LEGO 75159 Death Star

Date: October 2016 to November 2020
RRP: £409.99
Number of pieces: 4,016

This isn’t the first LEGO Death Star, and in fact we’re grouping it together with its predecessor, the LEGO 10188 Death Star from 2008. The 75157 Death Star released just 10 months after that was released, and there’s only a 200 piece difference. Aside from some different minifigures, the sets are very similar.

But whichever version you’re looking at, there’s no denying that the LEGO Death Star is an impressive model. It’s huge, for one – it’s big, round structure displaying a series of rooms, all featuring key scenes from Star Wars. So not only is this one of the biggest LEGO Star Wars sets ever released, it’s also one of the most iconic.

LEGO 10143 Death Star II

Date: October 2007 to April 2009
RRP: £249.99
Number of pieces: 3,441

It’s yet another Death Star, but this one’s a little different. This one shows the Death Star part-destroyed; there are no rooms or displays to look at. But it makes for a killer display piece, we think. It’s long-discontinued now, and if you want to pick one up second-hand, you won’t get much change out of £1,000. Still, as one of the biggest LEGO Star Wars sets of all time, it has a special place in our heart. Even if our heart is the only place this one will ever be.

LEGO 75079 Sandcrawler

Date: May 2014 to November 2016
RRP: £249.99
Number of pieces: 3,296

At only a couple of hundred pieces smaller than the Death Star II, the LEGO Sandcrawler remains one of the biggest LEGO Star Wars sets of all time. It’s an impressive model with plenty of working features, including a crank inside and a working door at the back. We’ve had Sandcrawlers since, but nothing quite as impressive as this, so let’s hope LEGO brings it back at some point.

LEGO 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

Date: September 2020 to Present
RRP: £319.99
Number of pieces: 3,187

Be reminded of one of the classic moments of the Star wars saga by building your very own Mos Eisley Cantina. This isn’t just any LEGO Mos Eisley Cantina, however, this is one for adults, boasting an impressive level of detail thanks to its whopping 3,187 pieces. Of course, that means you have to pay a rather large sum of money for it.

Still, just look at it – it’s worth every penny. An impressive 21 minifigures are included, as well as a landspeeder and a Dewback. The best part is the bar though – it’s brilliant. Not only is it one of the biggest LEGO Star Wars sets of all time, it’s also one of the best.

LEGO 10221 Super Star Destroyer

Date: August 2011 to June 2014
RRP: £349.99
Number of pieces: 3,152

The LEGO Super Star Destroyer was extremely expensive for its time. And if you happen to have one of these from 2011, it’s worth way more than its RRP now. It’s 3,152 pieces, making it one of the biggest LEGO Star Wars sets of its time. It’s still a remarkable model today and doesn’t much show its age.

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