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The Boutique Hotel, A New LEGO Modular Set, is Coming on 1st January 2022

LEGO 10297 Boutique Hotel

Fans of LEGO’s Modular range rejoice: we’re getting a brand new addition to the much-loved series on 1st January 2022. LEGO 10297 Boutique Hotel celebrates 15 years of the Modular range, packing in a range of tributes and homages to past sets. But even if you don’t care about the history of Modulars, there’s no denying that this is a stunning set.

The Boutique Hotel is split into five distinct sections split over three floors. Every area of the hotel – the guest rooms, the penthouse suit, the lobby, terrace and staircase – has its own personality, and you’ll find a lot of nifty internal details here. Like all Modular sets that came before it, The Boutique Hotel is packed with fun little narrative, played out by easy-to-miss environmental storytelling.

LEGO 10297 Boutique Hotel

The exterior of the Boutique Hotel, though, is the most eye-catching part of the build. This is an architectural delight, with gorgeous details on each floor. It spots opulent European design, with intricate detailing around the windows and roof. And to the side of the hotel is a small art gallery nestled under a roof terrace.

The 7 minifigures included in the set finish it off nicely; allowing you to tell your own stories or engage in those laid out by the designers. They come with a wealth of accessories, including suitcases, cameras, a luggage trolley and a coffee cart.

LEGO 10297 Boutique Hotel

It is, however, one of the most expensive LEGO Modular sets to date. It’s not surprising with its higher than usual brick count of 3,066 pieces, though. It will set you back £174.99 when it releases on 1st January 2022. It’ll be exclusive to LEGO stores (and LEGO.com, of course).

See more images below, or click through to LEGO’s website to find out more.

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