LEGO City is Going Green This June

There’s a swathe of new LEGO sets releasing on June 1st. And, as always, a handful of them will be new additions to the long-running LEGO City series. But this time around, it’s more country than city: we’re getting a handful of farm sets and a very eco-friendly Electric Scooters & Charging Dock.

Alongside a henhouse and a farmyard barn, we’re also getting a farmer’s market van and a fresh food supermarket. Imagine: all this time with no supermarket in LEGO City!

Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about June 1st’s upcoming LEGO City sets. (If you’re in North America, you’ll have to wait until 1st August for some of these sets to release – sorry!)

LEGO City 40526 Electric Scooters & Charging Dock

  • RRP £11.99/$12.99
  • 50 pieces
  • Age 6+
  • 3 minifigures

Coming in a minifigure-shaped blister pack rather than a box, the Electric Scooters & Charging Dock set is designed to be an accessory to a bigger build. It’s a great way to modernise LEGO City and providing its residents a way to get around. The minifigures included are pretty cool, too: we’ve got two skaters and one mechanic. More information is available on LEGO.com.

LEGO City 60347 Grocery Store

  • RRP £54.99/$69.99
  • 404 pieces
  • Age 6+
  • 5 minifigures

While £54.99 feels very steep for an unbranded 404-piece set, there’s no denying just how adorable the LEGO City Grocery Store is. It feels a long time coming; we’ve had hospitals, police and fire stations, petrol stations and who-knows-what else – but somewhere for LEGO City residents to buy their food? Finally, you can take your minifigs shopping to this delightful supermarket. There’s a parking lot complete with mini car and forklift truck. And because LEGO is all about environmental awareness these days, we’ve even got solar panels on the roof. See more at LEGO.com.

LEGO City 60345 Farmers Market Van

  • RRP £24.99/$44.99
  • 310 pieces
  • Age 5+
  • 3 minifigures

It may look like a repurposed ice cream van, but we don’t care. This fruit and veg van looks fantastic, thanks to the giant carrot stuck on top. It even comes with a vegetable patch, with growing chilis, grapes and corn. We love it. You can read more information and see more images on LEGO’s store page.

LEGO City 60346 Barn & Farm Animals

  • RRP £44.99/$69.99
  • 230 pieces
  • Age 4+
  • 4 minifigures

Since it’s a 4+ set, this LEGO Barn & Farm Animals is a simple build that the youngest builders can get to grips with. Typically, pieces are larger, and only the simplest construction methods are used. Regardless, this is a great-looking set that packs in a lot of detail. Aside from the barn itself, we have a tractor and trailer, pigs, sheep, cows, a small greenhouse and plenty of tools to get to work on the farm with. See more information on LEGO’s store page.

LEGO City 60344 Chicken Henhouse

  • RRP £8.99/$9.99
  • 101pieces
  • Age 5+
  • 1 minifigure

For a small pocket-money set, the Chicken Henhouse is wonderful. Firstly, we love the detailing on the henhouse itself. And of course, it contains chickens! There are eggs too – we’ll let the fact that they’re almost as big as the chickens themselves slide. There’s a minifigure, of course, as well as a little ATV to help her get from the henhouse back to the farm. See more information on LEGO.com.

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