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Four New LEGO Harry Potter Sets Have Been Revealed, Releasing January 2021

LEGO has revealed four brand new Harry Potter sets that are making their way to shop shelves in January 2021. The four sets make up a new sub-brand of LEGO Harry Potter, known as ‘Moments’. Each set represents a Hogwarts class. Essentially, they’re a buildable book that folds out to reveal a classroom scene. They look super cool, if you ask us!

Each book spine is in a different colour to represent the four houses of Hogwarts, and each set has three different minifigures with it: a professor, and two students.

Transfiguration Class, in Gryffindor colours, comes with Professor McGonagall, Ron and Hermione.

LEGO Harry Potter Moments Transfiguration Class

Herbology Class, in Hufflepuff colours, comes with Professor Sprout, Neville Longbottom and Cedric Diggory. The mandrakes, of course, make an appearance here.

LEGO Harry Potter Moments  Herbology

Potions Class, in Slytherin colours, comes with Professor Snape, Draco Malfoy and Seamus Finnigan.

LEGO Harry Potter Moments  Potions class

Finally, Charms Class, in Ravenclaw colours, comes with Professor Flitwick, Harry Potter, and Cho Chang.

LEGO Harry Potter Moments charms

The sets are clearly designed for play, but the book spines will look fantastic on any display, too. They’re a very neat idea, and we’re excited to see them in January. They sit at a nice price point too – they’ll retail for $30 in the US, so likely £25 here in the UK. They’re not the biggest sets – around 240 pieces each – but they are unique, come with lots of detail, and three minifigures each. We feel they’re pretty good value.

Look out for LEGO Harry Potter Moments in January.

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