Phone home with this Lego Ideas Red London Telephone Box, coming next month

A man building a red Lego telephone box.

Wondering when the next Lego Ideas set arrives? Wonder no longer, because Lego has just announced the Lego Ideas Red London Telephone box, available to buy at the beginning of February.

This gorgeous, retro-styled set is based on an Ideas submission from Bricked1980 though Lego has given it their own twist, removing the post box but adding railings. It features a telephone box, complete with plants and a street lamp outside the box. Plus, the box itself has a light which is a neat touch.

That said, it looks like only the box’s internal light, er, lights up. The lamp appears to be cosmetic, but we can absolutely live with that. You also have the choice of putting a rotary or touch-button phone inside, each with their own stickers. The set is made up of 1460 pieces and is rated for builders 18 or over. So it’ll take you an afternoon or so to build it.

In the UK, red phone boxes were a regular fixture during the ’70s to ’90s, but British Telecom replaced them with silver metal ones. And now, a large percentage has been removed altogether. There’s an ongoing effort to preserve red phone boxes, so this Lego set in, some small way, is helping achieve that. The catch is that it’s slightly pricier than we’d expect, costing £99.99. But Icons sets do tend to cost more, and it’s not as huge a premium as the Lego Motorised Lighthouse.

The set will be available from February 4th, or Feb 1st if you’ve got a (free) Lego Insiders account. You can find the Lego Ideas Red London Telephone Box here on the official Lego site though there’s no pre-order option. If you’re wondering what other Lego Ideas you should be rooting for, check out our Lego Ideas Spotlight.

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