LEGO Friends Apartments Set Has Been Officially Unveiled

It’s not just Monica’s apartment we’re getting as we speculated yesterday. LEGO has lifted the lid on the Friends set it’s been teasing: it’s a huge set featuring both Monica and Joey’s apartment. And of course the hallway space inbetween.

Made up of 2,048 pieces, it’s a sizeable set – with both apartments together, the set is 64cm long so you’ll need a good amount of display space. Thankfully, you can display both apartments separately if you’re short on space. Or, you know, prefer one apartment over the other.

Just like Central Perk that came before it, the LEGO Friends Apartment is a studio set, complete with lights and open fronts. And with a multitude of props packed into the set, you can recreate any number of classic scenes from the show.

Here’s just some of the props you’ll find in the set:

  • A Giant Poking Device (Ugly Naked Guy is, unfortunately, not included)
  • Phoebe’s creepy art piece, aka Gladys
  • A floor-cheesecake
  • Joey’s white decorative dog, Pat
  • The chick and duck (!)
  • The canoe
  • A turkey to put on Monica’s head
  • Phoebe’s dollhouse

The set also includes seven minifigures. There’s of course Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey, and there’s also Janice. Oh. My. God. Poor Mike; no sign of him despite him being a regular character in the later seasons. I suppose if you’ve got an Ant-Man minifigure laying around you can substitute him in…

You don’t have to wait too long to get your hands on this; the LEGO Friends Apartments set is out on 1st June. Even sooner if you’re a VIP; you can pick this up from 19th May. It’ll cost £134.99, which is a lot more expensive than Central Perk, but considering its size and number of pieces, we think it’s surprisingly reasonable.

View more images below. For more information, view the store page.

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