Buy this colossal Lego Marvel Avengers Tower set and get up to three free gifts

Lego Avengers Tower 76269 with free gift sets

Da.. diddy dum dum. daaaa! That’s how the Avengers movie theme goes, right? And if you’re a fan of both Lego and Marvel’s The Avengers you’ll be glad to know that the Lego Marvel Avengers Tower set is out now.

But there’s even better news. It’s not cheap, priced at just under £430, but if you buy it from the official Lego store right now, you can get up to three free mini-sets.

If you’re a Lego Insider and you purchase the tower before Nov 27th, you’ll get a cool little Marvel Taxi set. How do you know it’s Marvel? Because it includes Black Panther and a couple of Chitauri bad guys. The driver looks like he’s just hoping no-one spills his coffee.

Also expiring on Nov 27th, spend over £150 and you get the Lego Winter Market stall. Spend over £220 and you’ll get Majisto’s Magical Workshop, an offer that expires Nov 26th.

So if you buy the Lego Marvel Avenger’s Tower before Nov 26th you can bag the Marvel Taxi, the Winter Market Stall and Majisto’s Magical Workshop. If you’re not already a Lego Inside you can sign up for free.

The set is priced at £429.99 and at 90cm tall it’s bigger even than the previous Daily Bugle set. With 31 minifigures and over 5,000 pieces, this promises to be an amazing build. You can order the Lego Marvel Avengers Tower set from the official Lego store.

Now, if we can just get Lego working on Lego Marvel Zombies…

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