Out soon, this Lego Ideas The Orient Express Train set is to die for

Lego Ideas 21344 The Orient Express Train

It’s lacking a Poirot minifig but otherwise, this Lego Ideas The Orient Express Train set looks really excellent. It doesn’t have its modern-day counterpart’s seven carriages but we’re still sorely tempted by it.

The set is based on a Lego Ideas model from Thomas Lajon and, at the time, it was his only Lego Ideas submission. Lajon has a life-long love of locomotives and as trains go, there are few more iconic than the Orient Express.

The Lego Ideas The Orient Express Train (set 21344) boasts a pair of luxurious-looking carriages you can peek inside. You can even pick out the tiny Art Deco style plates and glasses inside.

The set is made of up 2540 pieces and comes with eight suitably-attired minifigures, who may or may not get dispatched, Murder on the Orient Express-style. Like most Lego Ideas models, it’s for builders aged 18+. And while it’s not the priciest set ever, its £259.99 tag pushes it beyond pocket money territory.

At 116cm long, it’s the same length as the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express. So, like that model, you’ll need plenty of shelf space to show it off. It is cheaper than the Hogwarts Express but that model includes a chunk of station and a host of other minifigures.

We’re pretty impressed by this set, and not just because we’re fans of Agatha Christie’s tale. Plus, it fits on regular Lego train tracks so, unlike the Hogwarts Express set, you can add it to an existing Lego train set-up.

With no pre-order options, the Lego Ideas The Orient Express Train set is available to purchase from December 1st, via the Lego store.

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