This new Lego Super Mario Bowser’s Muscle Car set owns the road

Lego Bowser's Muscle Car

Lego has announced several new Lego Super Mario sets, including this brilliant Bowser’s Muscle Car set. Apparently it’s a meant as an ‘expansion set’ for the other Lego Super Mario sets. But we couldn’t care less.

Why? Because when a set’s this awesome, you don’t need anything else. Forget Mario and Luigi, let Bowser just rock along in his car, wind in his hair. Maybe have him race Shadow the Hedgehog on his motorbike, but to hell with the plumbers.

The set, dubbed Bowser’s Muscle Car Expansion Set, comes with a buildable Bowser though, for some horrifying reason, the box also shows Mario (not included) driving it. He must have eaten a lot of mushrooms if he thinks he can get away with touching Bowser’s motor.

Here’s everything else we know about the set.

  • Pieces: 458
  • Age: 8+
  • Release date: 1st Jan 2024
  • Price £24.99

There are also three other Lego Super Mario sets on the way, all expansions and all, like Bowser’s car, arriving 1st Jan 2024.

The sets are Penguin Family Snow Adventure Expansion Set (£17.99), Nabbit at Toad’s Shop Expansion Set (£17.99) and the larger Dorrie’s Sunken Shipwreck Adventure Expansion Set (£39.99).

Bowser’s Muscle Car and these others not-quite-as-cool sets are all available from January 1st 2024. You can’t pre-order them, so make sure you take time out from celebrating the new year to put in an order. You wouldn’t want to make Bowser angry.

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