There’s a New – Smaller – LEGO Taj Mahal Coming in June

LEGO Taj Mahal

Remember the giant creator Taj Mahal? We do. We remember the painstaking 12 hours it took to build it, filled with repetitive walls and towers. It was a very impressive model when finished though; just like the real Taj Mahal, it was something of a wonder to behold. But with a huge square footprint, you needed a huge area to display it. Needless to say, ours was disassembled and put back in the box fairly quickly.

But if you like the idea of something as grand as the Taj Mahal on display, but are worried about space, we have good news. LEGO is releasing a smaller Taj Mahal, as part of its Architecture range. Set to release on 1st June (1st August in North America), this version of the Taj Mahal is 2,022 pieces – so still not exactly small. It looks to pack in a lot of detail, just like its bigger sibling.

The Architecture Taj Mahal (21056) instead sits on a 30×30 plate. That’s still a fairly big footprint, but much less than the previous Taj Mahal. It’s less accurate in scale, but that doesn’t stop it looking any less beautiful. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on this one.

LEGO 21056 Taj Mahal will be available for £89.99 from 1st June. If you’re in North America, it’ll be $119.99, though won’t be available until 1st August. See more images below.

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