Get this Lego Mini Steamboat Willie set free when you buy Disney Lego

Lego Steamboat Willy 40659

Want to get your hands on an awesome, old-timey Lego set? Over on the Lego store you can get this Lego Mini Steamboat Willie 40659 set absolutely free, with another Lego purchase.

It’s a smaller version of the now retired Lego Steamboat Willie set, depicting Mickey Mouse’s first ever animated appearance. But, despite its size, it’s easily recognisable as the black-and-white boat. And if you’re a Disney fan, it’s a great set (valued at £21.99) and well worth getting your hands on.

What’s the catch? The one snag is that unlike previous promos you can’t just stock up on any Lego sets. You’ll only get this if you spend £95 or over on Lego Disney sets.

But if this free Lego Mini Steamboat Willie set appeals to you, chances are you’ve already got your eye on several other Lego Disney sets, such as this Lego Mini Disney Castle.

So how do you get your hands on it? Once you’ve put £95 or more of Disney Lego in your cart, the set should be automatically added to your basket.

But you’ll have to be fast, because this deal ends after October 31st. Then, presumably, it’ll be replaced with an entirely different promotion.

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