LEGO’s Next Modular Building is a Police Station

LEGO has just revealed its next modular building: LEGO 10278 Police Station. As ever, it’s a beautiful-looking building.

This time, LEGO has dropped the usual ‘Creator Expert’ branding. The box has adopted LEGO’s new all-black, 18+ branding, making it look sleek and elegant. It’s also labelled with ‘Modular Building Collection’. Although we all know the series to be ‘Modular’, it’s never been used on the packaging before.

Coming on 1st January, the LEGO Police Station is made up of 2,923 parts including five minifigures. It’ll be priced at £169.99. A little more than last year’s Bookshop, but it’s also packing in 400 extra pieces.

The central focus of the building is the police station itself. A three-story building with a flat roof, it features double glass doors leading into a vestibule. Two smaller buildings feature either side of it: a doughnut shop (clever!) and a small newsagent.

Inside the police station itself, you’ll find an evidence locker, a jail cell, an interrogation room and a case board. Some unique pieces have been used in the design too, including an ultra-rare ‘nougat’ colour and fancy cornice detailing on the exterior.

We love modulars, and so we’re excited to add this one to our collection. It’ll fit in perfectly to any collection, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

More pictures are below. More information can be found on the official listing.

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