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LEGO Reveals Hogwarts Magical Trunk, Out in March 2022

A new LEGO Harry Potter set has been announced, set to release on 1st March 2022. It’s LEGO 76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk; a unique playset that allows its builders to customise it in a variety of delightful ways.

Most themed LEGO sets are designed to be built in one way. But the Hogwarts Magical Trunk emphasises customisability. You see, this buildable trunk can be decorated in any of the four Hogwarts house colours. Or a mixture of all three, if you wish. Inside the trunk – which opens up with a special LEGO key – there’s space to build a playset. It seems you can build your own dormitory, a classroom, or something completely new.

More intriguing, rather than include specific minifigures, it includes a selection of parts to allow you to build your own character creations. You can build known characters from the Harry Potter franchise if you like, or create your very own characters. Promotional images seem to include Harry Potter and Professor McGonagall, so it seems you’ll be able to build those two, along with four random minifigures of your choice.

The set includes 603 pieces, and it’s priced at £54.99. It seems like a fun build for younger Harry Potter fans who perhaps like to showcase their own creativity. Or, you know, simply show their allegiance for their Hogwarts house of choice.

Find more information about the set on LEGO’s official website. More images are below.

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