Here’s What We Can Expect From May the 4th 2023 LEGO Star Wars Event

Lego May the 4th

May the 4th – the annual Star Wars Day – is hotly approaching. And for LEGO Star Wars fans, this is a date to watch out for as the company typically hosts a special series of events. Typically, LEGO’s May the 4th Star Wars celebrations include exclusive gifts, new releases and a sale.

Unfortunately, LEGO holds most of its cards close to its chest, so we don’t fully know exactly what to expect for the event. However, via some leaks and some early information from LEGO, we’ve been able to put together a fair bit of information here for you. Here’s everything you need to know about LEGO’s May the 4th 2023 event.

Why May the 4th?

If you’re confused as to why 4th May is known as Star Wars Day, it’s actually really simple. It’s in fact a silly play on words: “May the 4th” sounds like “May the force” – as in the famous line of dialogue “May the force be with you”. That’s all there is to it!

When does LEGO’s May the 4th Star Wars event start?

Despite being called ‘May the 4th’, LEGO’s Star Wars event will actually run for several days. It will kick off on Monday 1st May and run through until Sunday 7th May.

However, since free gifts – which you can see further down the page – tend to be “until stocks last”, we recommend making any purchases as early as possible. There’s no guarantee they’ll still be available on 8th May.

New LEGO Star Wars sets releasing in May

There are six LEGO Star Wars sets releasing in time for May the 4th. While some of them are hitting shelves on 1st May, we’d suggest waiting until the May the 4th celebrations start to pick any of them up because you’re likely to net some free gifts or extra VIP points.

Here are the new LEGO Star Wars sets launching May:

Clicking through the links above will take you to the LEGO listing page for each, where you can find more information. Alternatively, scroll through to see images of each of them below:

LEGO May the 4th Star Wars Free Gifts

LEGO has now confirmed three free gifts with purchase that will be on offer over the course of its May the 4th event. Take a look at them below:

Death Star II 40th Anniversary

  • Free with LEGO Star Wars purchases of £130/$150 or more
  • 289 pieces
  • RRP of £21.99/$24.99

Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary Collectible Coin Set

  • Fre with LEGO Star Wars purchases of £80/$85 or more
  • Available to LEGO VIP members only
  • RRP of £12.63/$14.99
  • Comes with collectible Death Star coin and Death Star blueprint

Miniature X-Wing Starfighter

  • Free with LEGO Star Wars purchases of £35/$40 or more
  • 87 pieces
  • Polybag set
  • RRP of £3.49/$4.99

Other LEGO May the 4th Events

Between 1st May and 7th May, all LEGO Star Wars purchases will earn double VIP points. So you’ll essentially get 10% back on purchases rather than the usual 5%.

Additionally, visit a LEGO store and you’ll be able to net five times VIP points on selected Star Wars sets.

There’s also going to be exclusive LEGO Star Wars discounts that can be redeemed in the VIP store. Exactly what discounts these will be, and on what sets, is yet to be revealed.

Will there be anything else? Right now, we’re unsure. There might be some LEGO Star Wars sets discounted – it’s not unusual for LEGO to have a sale for its May the 4th celebrations. But we don’t expect any more free gifts to be announced. You can see everything LEGO has revealed by clicking here.

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    1. Quite possibly! It’s hard to guess – but with them both being 2022 sets they’re ideal candidates for a discount. Keep an eye on Amazon for either – they’re often reduced on there.

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