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This 1,808 Piece LEGO Disney The Little Mermaid Set is Gorgeous

LEGO 43225 The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell

LEGO is going all-in on its Disney sets at the moment. On Friday, we shared the upcoming Disney Animation Icons set. And today, we can share this fantastic 18+ set that will coincide with the cinema release of Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid. Even if you’re not a huge fan of Ariel and Ursula, you can’t deny that this set looks phenomenal.

Made up of 1,808 pieces, The Little Mermaid set features several key features from the movie, all set within a giant clamshell. It includes five minifigures – Ariel, Karina, Indira, King Triton and Ursula – as well as miniature figures of Sebastian and Flounder.

The shell itself contains three main areas: King Triton’s throne rock, Ariel’s treasure room and Ursula’s mysterious lair. We’re disappointed to say that the clamshell doesn’t close, but this is designed to be a display set. And the open design at least allows for much more detail.

In terms of size, the LEGO 43224 The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell set measures 32cm by 31cm by 20cm. It’s a rather large display set, then!

Here’s the most important detail: it’ll retail for £139.99. For a set of this size, we’re pleasantly surprised. LEGO Disney 43225 The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell is out on 4th May, but pre-orders are open now on

Will you be adding this one to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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