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Save on these Lego Botanical sets, 20% off on sale at Amazon

Several Lego Botanicals flower and plant sets.

Want to give your house a splash of greenery, but don’t want to deal with flowers that just die out? That’s where Lego Icons Botanicals come and, thanks to an ongoing sale at Amazon, you can get several sets for 20% off.

Sure, you could buy silk flowers but these sets are so much cooler and you get the joy of building them. Between Amazon UK and Amazon US, there are several older Lego Botanicals set on sale. The new Lego Botanicals Bouquet set isn’t but plenty of others are.

So just what’s on offer? Here’s what you can snag, from Amazon’s UK and US sites respectively, while stocks last.

Amazon UK:

Lego Orchid – £34.99 was £44.99 (also available even cheaper at Asda)

Lego Wildflowers – £44.99 was £54.99

Lego Bonsai Tree – £37.99 was £44.99

Lego Flower Bouquet – £42.99, was £54.99

Amazon US:

Lego Succulents – $39.99 was $49.99

Lego Orchid – $39.99 was $49.99

Lego Wildflowers – $47.99 was $59.99

Lego Bonsai Tree – $39.99 was $49.99

Lego Dried Flower Centerpiece – $39.99 was $49.99

Lego Icons Flower Bouquet – £47.99 was $59.99

That’s even cheaper than on Lego’s own site, so snap these bargains up while you can. Typically most of these sets are for 18+ so younger builders might need help. But if you want to add a touch of colour to your house, these are a real steal.

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