LEGO Has Revealed 4 Upcoming Donkey Kong Sets

LEGO is expanding its Super Mario range with four Donkey Kong sets. If you’re a fan of the video game gorilla, this is undoubtedly exciting news!

The four LEGO Donkey Kong sets range in price from £8.99 to £94.99, and they all arrive in stores on 1st August. As part of the Super Mario range, they’re compatible with existing Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach electronic figures. That means they come with interactive squares, and can connect with existing sets from the range.

Let’s take a look at the four sets, shall we?

LEGO Super Mario 71425 Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride

  • RRP £94.99
  • 1,157 pieces
  • Age 8+

The most expensive Donkey Kong set is, unsurprisingly, the largest, being made up of over 1,000 pieces. If you’ve ever played Donkey Kong Country or one of its sequels, you’ll know the significance of mine carts, and so we’ve no doubt this set will be rather sought-after. More information is available on LEGO.com.

LEGO Super Mario 71420 Rambi the Rhino

  • RRP £8.99
  • 106 pieces
  • Age 7+

From the most expensive upcoming Donkey Kong set, to the cheapest. This small add-on gives you a rhino that Mario (or Luigi or Peach) can ride around on, expanding your existing course in a creative way. See more on the LEGO website.

LEGO Super Mario 71421 Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam

  • RRP £20.99
  • 174 pieces
  • Age 7+

Forget Donkey Kong: this set is all about the adorable Dixie Kong. Here she is, equipped with a guitar and accompanied by her parrot pal Squawks. More information can be found on LEGO’s website.

LEGO Super Mario 71424 Donkey Kong’s Tree House

  • RRP £57.99
  • 555 pieces
  • Age 8+

Last but not least is Donkey Kong himself, at home in his treehouse. It’s worth noting that he isn’t an electronic figure, like Mario or Luigi: he’s simply a buildable prop. You’ll still need a Starter Course to be able to make use of the interactive elements of the set. But we like the look of this one as a display piece – as will any fan of Donkey Kong. It’s the only one of the four sets which can be pre-ordered, too. Order, and get more information, at LEGO.com.

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