A Teaser Has Appeared for the Upcoming LEGO Ideas Typewriter

Back in June 2020, a brick-built typewriter was chosen as one of the LEGO Ideas sets to come to life. We haven’t heard anything else in the last 12 months, but today, a short teaser has appeared on LEGO’s social media.

The tweet reads “ready to start a new chapter”, accompanied by a short animation of a woman typing, and the words “Dear LEGO fans, it’s time to start practicing your typing skills”. There’s only one set that this can be teasing, and it’s the LEGO Ideas Typewriter.

You can see the tweet for yourself below:

Obviously, no further information has been given, regarding a release date or even what the final set will look like. But LEGO rarely teases an Ideas set until it’s almost ready to go out of the door. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing more information very soon, with it appearing on shelves within a month.

To refresh your memory, the LEGO Typewriter is an idea cooked up by Ideas user Steve Guinness. It has a full set of QWERTY keys and a working hand-cranked mechanism. When LEGO Ideas sets are brought to life, it’s not unusual for the designers to make changes to the original concepts. So how faithful the finished model will be to Steve’s design remains to be seen. We’d imagine the core look and feel of the set will remain in tact, however.

Keep an eye out for further information coming soon.

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