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Slow it down a bit, please, LEGO – let’s enjoy summer before we’re forced to think about Christmas.

A Christmas-themed set has appeared on today, one aimed at the very youngest of LEGO builders. It’s LEGO Duplo 10976 Santa’s Gingerbread House, and it’s slated for a release date of 1st September.

June is very early for Christmas sets to appear. Normally we don’t get a whiff of holiday releases until August or September. And often, they don’t release until October or November. So 1st September is a rather early date for this Santa-themed set.

It’s cute, though, and nice that toddlers can enjoy a holiday set. Santa’s Gingerbread House features a pretty house, adorned with plenty of printed bricks, and of course a Santa play figure. There are also two further figures, a Christmas tree, and some presents. Everything you need for a successful Christmas, really.

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Like most Duplo sets, this one is aimed at children aged 2 and up. And, of course, children should be supervised by a parent or guardian as they play.

More information about the Duplo Santa’s Gingerbread House can be found on LEGO’s website.

Now, we have to wonder: what new festive sets will us grown-ups get this year? Maybe we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

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