LEGO Advent Calendars are Available Now for Christmas 2020

You might not feel like thinking about Christmas just yet, but LEGO wants you to. Its 2020 range of advent calendars are available in store now.

Like last year, there are four LEGO advent calendars available: a Harry Potter themed one, a LEGO Friends one, a Star Wars one and a LEGO City one. The City and Friends advent calendars retail for £19.99, while the Harry Potter and Star Wars calendars cost £24.99. That licensing tax, eh?

Each advent calendar has 24 mini builds, one for each day from 1st December through to 24th December. There’s also a number of minifigures included in each. Keep on reading for more information about each advent calendar.

LEGO 75981 Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020

Comprising of 335 pieces, the LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar contains 24 small builds that can be combined to recreate popular scenes from the franchise. Six minifigures are included: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Padma Patil, Parvati Patil and Cho Chang.

LEGO 60268 City Advent Calendar 2020

Made up of 342 pieces, the LEGO City advent calendar features six popular City TV minifigures: Duke DeTain, Harl Hubbs, Freya McCloud, Rooky Partnur, Daisy ‘Kaboom’ and a Christmas-themed Chief Wheeler. There’s also a wealth of miniature builds, several of which are themed around LEGO sets from throughout the year.

LEGO 41420 Friends Advent Calendar 2020

The LEGO Friends advent calendar is the smallest with only 236 pieces. There’s a LEGO Friends Mrs Claus included, along with two elf mini-dolls and a mini-doll of Emma. The mini-builds behind each window are based around one of three themes: Emma’s room, Santa’s toy workshop or winter wonderland.

LEGO 75279 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020

Finally, the LEGO Star Wars advent calendar contains 311 pieces. You’ll find a number of mini ship builds, an oh-so-cute mini D-O, and a mini porg. There’s also six minifigures: a stormtrooper, Rae, Darth Vader in a Christmas jumper, Poe Dameron in a christmas jumper, Luke Skywalker and a red stormtrooper.

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