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There’s a Frankenstein’s Monster BrickHeadz, Available Now

BrickHeadz sets don’t come as thick and fast as they used to, but LEGO still release them here and there. The latest one is perhaps one of our favourites of all time: it’s a BrickHeadz Frankenstein’s Monster!

It’s labelled with “Universal Monsters” branding and licensed by Universal, which makes us wonder if we’ll see more appear in this range. Dracula, perhaps, or Frankenstein’s Bride, the Mummy, or the Invisible Man? It’s a seriously cool and iconic range, and we’re excited for what else may come from it.

But Frankenstein’s Monster (or Frankenstein, as LEGO has opted to call the set) is the perfect little build just in time for Halloween. He’s monochrome in colour scheme, fitting in with the black and white film he originally appeared in. The set features 108 pieces, including printed bricks for Frankenstein’s clothing and head scars.

It’s certainly a unique set, and is a must-have for any collector. What do you think – will you be adding BrickHeadz Frankenstein to your collection?

Written by Kim

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